Buy, follow or trade
Forex Expert Advisors, Cryptocurrency trading bots and stock trading botsEither by yourself, following experts, invest in a Managed Account, or in a regulated fund.
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Regulated partners

Team up with Asset Managers, Discretionary Fund Managers, Regulated brokers to leverage your business.

Trading technology

Monitoring systems, fraude detections systems, trading platforms and more.

Global reach

Providing trading bots and technology to a global market.

The u-Trade i-Trade platform

Weve built the UTIT platform and applications for ease of use for the customersthe vendors and the regulated partners. Its built around technology and regulationsOur aim is to have transparency and a simple user experience. 

Follow experts

Next to the ability to purchase trading licensescustomers are able to follow multiple Master accounts through our copier software, follow Managed Accounts through MAMs, or invest in regulated funds that run multiple strategies approved by process of Due Diligence. 

You can apply through our digital registration form to register for UTIT. We require you to complete our KYC procedure. You can then select whether you wish to register as a personal vendor or a corporate entity. When registering as a corporate entity we will ask you to provide proof of ownership and proof of existence.

Vendors can upload Forex Expert Advisors, Cryptocurrency trading bots and stock trading bots. These needs to be able to run on either MetaTrader 4 or 5 or cTrader. Cryptobots can run on our in-house trading platform.Your trading robots will be checked by our monitoring software and our team will review the performance against the claimed performance.

Vendors can use the UTIT platform to market their own trading bots. When customers are introduced by the vendor itself, he or she will get the standard vendor commission and the first tier sales commission on licenses sold. Furthermore, endusers can opt to follow the vendor’s strategy either through a copier, or managed account. If through a copier, the vendor will receive a commission on the volumes copied from a particular system. If the vendor qualifies for a Managed Account, to become an Associate Representative of one of the Investment Managers, they will be eligible to earn a Management Fee and a Performance Fee based on the performance of the MAM. Details can be found in the vendor compensation plan.Vendors can also qualify to add their strategy to a regulated fund where also the Management fee and Performance fee apply.Keep in mind that license prices will vary whether an end customer trades directly or on a copier, managed account or fund.

UTIT brakes away from the traditional trading marketplaces. In most marketplaces, vendors will be able to either sell or rent their trading software licenses.We value quality, not quantity. If the quality of the trading strategies is high enough, customers will remain happy. Happy customers will remain customers long-term.And that’s what we’ve built the platform around. Vendors are incentivised to create long-term relationships with the client.